Future Productions

We are presently working on our latest productions.

A new adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s The Secret Agent

This new adaptation of Conrad’s classic story of love, politics and anarchy will closely represent the original novel. The Secret Agent, a family tragedy set in a political context, was written more than a century ago yet illuminates contemporary conditions. Conrad wanted to inspire indignation and contempt for the terrorists’ ideological pretences, cowardly nihilism and absurd cruelty. Though Conrad’s novel is based on the anarchist bomb plots of the turn of the 20th century, his political insights apply with equal force to our situation today. We aim to tell the story through the use of Brechtian techniques with sound playing an important role through its immersive quality and interaction with live performance – combining art forms live on stage. Simple yet creative staging and a small cast of 6 actors will not only allow the performance to be toured to a wide range of venues but will provide endless opportunities for creativity and innovation.

Mr B and Mr P – a new play written by Tom Dexter

Tour dates and details will be released soon.